Calacatta Ultra Quartz

Calacatta Ultra Quartz

Classic Calacatta Ultra Quartz Offers Calming Appeal

Your home may be your castle, but that doesn’t mean you want to live in a structure of cold, gray stone. Why do you think medieval aristocrats covered their walls in vibrant tapestries? While they did help minimize drafts, these wall coverings also created a more appealing interior.

The good news is that you can imbue your home with the look of beautiful, natural stone without giving up the brightness and warmth you prefer in your living spaces. All you need is a gorgeous quartz design like MSI’s Calacatta Ultra to enjoy the luxurious and inviting interior every modern homeowner craves. 

With timeless refinement and an air of tranquility, stunning MSI quartz will transform your home, and Calacatta Ultra has everything a modern kitchen or spa-like bath needs.

Gentle Refinement for Serene Spaces

As the name implies, this marble-look quartz is ultra-appealing. Its pure white background is brushed with wispy, delicate veins in pale gray that flit over the surface like lazy vapor trails across the sky. When you choose Calacatta Ultra quartz, you’ll imbue your living spaces with a sense of soothing serenity and a bright, fresh ambiance.

Thanks to MSI’s patented processes, you’ll also enjoy a counter surface that bears the authentic look of natural stone. This includes organic veining patterns that offer realistic depth and dimension, along with MSI’s proprietary LumaLuxe formulation, which enhances the play of light on the surface, creating the illusion of marble-like luminosity.

The Perfect Addition to Your Modern Interior

White quartz is incredibly versatile, which likely feeds into its rising popularity. Regardless of your architecture or preferred design style, you’ll find that the classic look of Calacatta Ultra will suit your home interior.

When used for perimeter counters and backsplash in a tonal white kitchen, this surface material brings a gentle breath of pattern and visual interest to your space, adding depth to what could be an otherwise flat tableau. You can also opt for increased drama with an island base in dark espresso or even a jewel tone like sapphire.

Calacatta Ultra pairs beautifully with pale wood tones to bring a hint of warmth to your bright and inviting space. It may not work quite as well with honeyed or cherry wood due to its cooler palette, but there are plenty of options to explore with this versatile countertop design.

Produced in the United States of America

MSI quartz offers endless benefits, from its wide range of absolutely stunning designs to the strong and durable structure modern homeowners are looking for. What you may not know is that it also offers the opportunity to buy a product manufactured in the USA.

The company’s domestic production facility, located in Latta, South Carolina, generates an incredible volume of Q Premium Natural Quartz slabs

Opened in 2020, this facility ramped up quickly with the intention of becoming the largest engineered quartz manufacturer in North America, creating not only gorgeous products but also hundreds of domestic jobs along the way.

A Practical Addition to Your Home

Calacatta Ultra quartz is strong, safe, and designed to accommodate a busy, modern lifestyle. Equal in strength to the hardest natural stone countertops, this material is resistant to scratching, etching, chipping, and cracking, which means it can hold up to daily use and abuse in the average household.

It’s also incredibly resistant to staining, and it offers low-maintenance appeal. A damp rag is sufficient for daily cleaning, or you can turn to an all-purpose home cleanser for food splatter and grime.

Everyone can appreciate a food-safe surface in the kitchen, and solid, nonporous, engineered quartz is impervious to microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and mildew. Even better, MSI quartz is backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime residential warranty as well as a 10-year commercial warranty.

Academy Marble Has the Quartz You’re Looking For

Any home improvement project can be daunting when you aren’t able to turn to an expert to ensure the job is done right. This is where the talented and experienced professionals at Academy Marble can help. 

When you’re ready to start exploring countertop options in quartz, marble, and quartzite, visit a showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, to speak with one of our qualified and caring team members.

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