Calacatta Gold Marble

Calcutta Gold Marble
Calcutta Gold Marble

Calacatta Gold Marble - White and Gold Natural Stone

Calacatta Gold marble is quarried inside the Apuan Mountains, better known as the majestic quarries of Northern Italy. This stone is mostly white with golden strands spanning the slab, adding a hint of warmth. Subtle, gray veining adds a cool element to the mix, creating a balanced tone.

The linear detail of veins in these marble slabs are so precise, they often undergo book matching, a process during which slabs are lined up next to one another, creating a mirror image of veining. This process makes for a seamless look.

Using Calacatta Gold in an open floor plan creates an authentic flow. There’s no need to restrict use to one room; Calacatta Gold is a versatile yet unique stone that can be applied throughout the home, as kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds and in outdoor kitchens. Marble in neutral tones such as gray, have also been on trend and remain highly desirable to interior designers and builders alike.

Just like other marble varieties, Calacatta Gold is available in a honed (matte) or polished (glossy) finish. High traffic areas can benefit from a honed finish, while polished marble is often designated for decorative spaces.

Designing around Calacatta Gold marble is quite simple. For example, champagne bronze fixtures are a great compliment to the neutral tones of the slab. Daring high-contrast jet black cabinetry or flooring, are also stylish pairings with the marble.

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