Mont Blanc Marble

Mont Blanc Marble Slab Sample - Academy Marble
Mont Blanc Marble

Mont Blanc or “White Mountain,” named after the highest mountain in the Alps, lives up to the larger-than-life look. Quarried in Brazil, it features gray veining throughout. Each slab is truly unique and tells its own story.

Mont Blanc is as grand as its name and lends itself to more ornate surroundings. Picture Mont Blanc on a kitchen island with turned cherry wood legs or a fireplace mantel with heavily carved moldings. Both are detailed woodworkings that compliment the seemingly regal stone. Mont Blanc can also takes on a stately look along an entire shower wall with elegant marbling that demands attention.

Mont Blanc is not as stark as Thassos stone and can stand independently with accessories without distracting from the stone. The small amount of marbling also distracts from possible imperfections that can sometimes occur with marble. It fits in with a more relaxed lifestyle.

Although Mont Blanc marble works well in settings with casual elegance. The smooth gray lines in the marble add a bit of depth to the stone. This marble is a gentle yet sophisticated look for a sleek silhouette.

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