White Thassos Marble

Marble Slab Sample - White Thassos
White Thassos Marble

Straight from Greece, the purest, brightest white marble, White Thassos. Often compared to the crystalline look of refined sugar, this marble is a statement marble to the core. This stone is perfect for extremely modern decor with simple aesthetic.

White Thassos marble is best accented with pure white itself or with bold pops of color, elements and material. A Thassos Marble bathroom vanity top paired with bright white cabinetry evoke timeless minimalism.Take an espresso toned bathroom vanity topped with glowing Thassos white. Complete with polished silver hardware to drive the look into contemporary chic. Another color combo that is currently trending is Thassos marble alongside navy blue cabinets and bronze hardware. Unpredictable combination, yet captivating.

Thassos marble works best with a clean, neat lifestyle. Open, airy bright spaces go hand in hand with the overall look of the stone. Any small appliances or even crumbs on top of counter appear distracting and cluttered. This stone suits the organized individual. When practicality is key, marble is to be treated carefully. The surface does show small scratches especially when polished. In this case, a honed (matte) finish will show less scratches and blemishes.

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