Calacatta Extra Marble

Calacatta Extra Marble

Luminous Calacatta Extra Marble Is a Bold Addition to Classic Connecticut and New York Home Design

Whether you lean toward elegant, traditional interiors or the clean, minimalist tendencies of contemporary design, you’ll find that certain materials offer a timeless appeal that transcends both eras and styles. White marble definitely falls into this category: Not only does it offer incredible versatility, but it imbues your living spaces with luxury and sophistication.

There are plenty of white marble varieties to choose from, with palettes ranging from cool to warm and subtle to bold, but Calacatta marble varieties, in particular, are prized for their bright backgrounds, dazzling luminosity, and statement-making patterns.

With that being said, if you’re interested in adding the classic appeal of Calacatta marble to your Connecticut or New York kitchen, bath, or fireplace but feel as though eye-catching movement is vital in its design, you’re going to love the drama of Calacatta Extra marble.

Striking Color and Stunning Pattern

The first thing you’ll notice about Calacatta Extra marble is its pristine white background, which adds bright, airy appeal to any living space and is paired with sparse yet prominent gray veins that wind their way across the surface in bold strokes. While typical Calacatta features more delicate veining, Calacatta Extra ups the ante with ropy rivulets that flow through each slab.

Even so, the chunky veining isn’t fully opaque, with darker borders that increase dimensionality and hints of gold throughout that offer subtle warmth. The overall effect is striking yet soft and inviting, especially when complemented by the gentle luminosity that white marble is known for. Quarried in Italy, like other Calacatta marble, Calacatta Extra varieties deliver the ideal balance of refinement and personality.

Statement Style for Your New York or Connecticut Home

There’s no limit to the ways in which you can add gorgeous Calacatta marble to your home’s interior. It’s a great addition to tonal kitchen and bathroom spaces, whether you employ it as a centerpiece waterfall island or add it to perimeter counters and carry it up into a full-height backsplash.

It pairs beautifully with black or espresso cabinetry for contrast, as well as modern gray if you want a softer transition. That said, versatile Calacatta Extra also looks lovely with trendy colored cabinets in hues ranging from pale pinks and minty greens to bold, bright yellows or royal blues.

Even wood tones go great with the stone, drawing on the touches of gold throughout that give you an opportunity to warm up living spaces without giving up the breezy appeal you love, while modern gold hardware and fixtures offer a lovely complement. Don’t forget, this luminous stone also makes a divine statement for flooring, fireplace surrounds, and shower/bath enclosures in your Connecticut home.Calacatta Extra Marble

All the Benefits of Resilient, Natural Stone

There’s no doubt that Calacatta marble is truly breathtaking, but you may be concerned with how well it will hold up in your busy New York home. Marble may be on the softer side when it comes to natural surfaces, but it’s still stone, which means you can expect exceptional strength and durability, given proper care.

It’s normal to worry about stains when you choose white marble, but as long as you reseal your countertops regularly, they’ll remain resistant to staining. Marble is also resistant to damage from heat, scratching, etching, cracking, and chipping.

To keep counter surfaces clean and pristine, all you need is a soft, damp cloth to wipe up dust and daily spills. For tougher splatter and grime, a combination of gentle dish soap and warm water is fine, though you could also use a spray cleanser designed for natural stone – some even help to preserve the sealant. It’s best to avoid harsh, acidic, or abrasive cleansers or cleaning tools that could prematurely wear away the sealant.

What You’ll Find at Academy Marble

The best way to decide which marble variety will suit your home interior and your personal style is to view samples and discuss your design plan with the experienced, knowledgeable, and creative team of professionals at Academy Marble. They can recommend the best options for your needs and preferences, and when you’ve decided on a favorite, you can start looking at slabs to pick the perfect combination of color and pattern.

Academy Marble boasts a wide selection of marble varieties, including stunning and luminous Calacatta Extra, and you’ll always enjoy a welcoming environment and exceptional customer care. If you’re ready to find the right Calacatta marble slab for your home upgrade, stop in at our convenient Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, locations today to get things started.


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