Striking, Sophisticated Arabescato Venato Marble

Arabescato Venato Marble slab
Arabescato Venato Marble

A home should reflect the owner’s personality and taste, and the design elements chosen should help to create a comfortable, beautiful interior that is as unique as the owner. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styling, you’ll find that natural materials like marble can elevate the overall aesthetic and add untold luxury and value to a property.

If you’re looking for white marble countertops that offer versatile neutrals paired with a statement-making pattern, you’ll love Arabescato Venato marble. Suitable for any home upgrade project, this stunning natural stone countertop option adds character and depth to neutral designs and complements both cool and warm color palettes. 

Take a look at what you can expect when you choose Arabescato Venato for kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, and other surfaces in the home.

Soft, Neutral Hues Complement Any Interior

Quarried in Tuscany, this stone shares characteristics with other famous Italian marble varieties, like Calacatta and Carrara, but offers its own charm. 

It features a warm backdrop in soft white and cream hues, and the surface is marked by variable veining patterns in graphite and charcoal, ranging from delicate striations to chunky streaks cutting across the white expanse.

In fact, this particular variety is prized for the bold veining patterns from which it draws its name. Arabescato refers to flowing, ornamental arabesque designs, while Venato signifies the veining. In other words, the name speaks to the distinctive veining found in this variety of marble.

Both striking and sophisticated, this marble is ideal for homeowners looking to make a statement and add visual interest to any interior. If you want a singular work of art designed by Mother Nature herself, look no further than the versatile neutrals and breathtaking veining of Arabescato Venato marble.

An Ideal Kitchen Countertop Choice for Timeless Design

While Arabescato Venato marble is a fine choice for just about any surface, it’s a particularly stunning addition to counter and kitchen backsplash areas. Upgrade a luxury kitchen or spa-like primary bathroom countertop with an eye-catching focal point set atop cabinetry in white or black for a classic design.

It also pairs beautifully with a range of wood hues, thanks to its warm, creamy shades throughout. Pale blond or rich, dark woods will often work best, depending on the aesthetic you hope to achieve, but this marble could even go with golden or reddish hues if you prefer more warmth.

Colorful cabinetry and tile backsplashes also work well with this marble, as do metallic hardware and fixtures in glowing gold or cooler silver shades. When you want to add elegance and personality to kitchen counters, fireplace surround, or wet room enclosure, Arabescato Venato serves as a stylish foundation for a timeless design.

Benefits of Natural Stone Countertops: Unmatched Beauty and Longevity

Homeowners seeking durable materials that add luxury and value to the home will accomplish their goals by choosing natural stone. White marble has long been prized as one of the most beautiful categories of stone, thanks to its soft, milky appearance and distinctive luminosity.

Stone surfaces deliver the strength and resilience modern homeowners expect. When sealed and maintained, marble is resistant to:

  • Heat
  • Water
  • Staining
  • Scratching
  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Other common forms of damage

With proper care, Arabescato Venato marble countertops will last a lifetime and beyond.

Caring for Arabescato Venato Marble Surfaces

By understanding the properties of Arabescato Venato marble, you can ensure that you take proper precautions when it comes to care. Stone is naturally porous, and while buffing the surface offers some protection, you’ll need to seal surfaces regularly to prevent staining and other potential damage.

For daily cleaning, warm water and a soft cloth are ideal, although you can turn to gentle dish soap for tougher messes. You may also want to consider a cleanser designed specifically for natural stone. Some feature ingredients that help to preserve the seal.

Academy Marble Has the Largest Marble Slab Inventory for You to Shop

When it comes to choosing the right marble variety, there’s no shortage of varieties to consider. If you love the luminous appeal of white marble and you want some warmth paired with ample character, you can’t go wrong with Arabescato Venato marble.

Academy Marble proudly offers a wide range of marble slabs to suit the needs and preferences of every homeowner in Connecticut or New York. Our experts can help you choose the best slab for any project. Visit a showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, today to discuss your upcoming project with our experienced and talented team.

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