Spectrum Quartz

spectrum quartzThe countertops in your home have to put up with a lot, from splatters and spills to dropped pots to kids who cut food directly on the counter surface. You need a strong, durable material that can take the abuse, and Spectrum Quartz offers just what you’re looking for.

There’s so much more to this versatile counter material, though. This industry-leading engineered stone brings flawless beauty to your home with dozens of attractive designs that mimic natural stone along with a number of distinctive designs.

Safe, Resilient, Beautiful Countertops

Function is essential when it comes to countertops, but the desire for eye-catching aesthetics is almost equally important. With Spectrum Quartz, manufactured both domestically and abroad, you’ll enjoy products made with quality materials using state-of-the-art equipment. The result is a surface that will serve you well for years.

Stunning Collections from Spectrum Quartz

Spectrum Quartz offers 27 gorgeous designs featuring versatile, neutral hues and a range of patterns to suit every preference. Maybe you love the milky glow of white marble or the delicate striations of quartzite. Perhaps the dynamic patterns of granite draw your eye, or you lean toward the minimalism only quartz can offer.

With base tones in white, cream, gray, and dark palettes, there’s a style to suit every home and complement cabinets and other design elements in black and white, jewel tones, or natural wood. Which Spectrum Quartz collection has the ideal surface material to elevate the ambiance in your home?


Soft neutrals and delicate patterns characterize the Brilliance collection, which imbues your kitchen, bathrooms, and other living spaces with cozy tranquility. Background colors range from pure white and creamy hues to warm grays and pale taupes streaked with sparse, wispy veining in white, gray, and golden tones.

Modern life can be a hectic affair, with endless demands on your time and attention. When it’s time to prepare a meal and spend time with family and friends in the hub of your home, kitchen counters from the Brilliance collection provide the inviting atmosphere you crave. These designs are also perfect for calming, spa-like bathrooms.


You might assume that elegant countertop designs will feel stuffy or formal, but that’s hardly the case with the Elegance collection from Spectrum Quartz. These designs offer an air of luxury with classic colors and eye-catching if understated, patterns.

White, gray, and warm greige backgrounds are marked by splotches and striations best described as subtle chaos. Tonal patterns may not offer the same visual impact as stark black and white designs, but you’ll enjoy organic movement across the surface with refined sensibilities that elevate your interior design.


The Harmony collection is notable for slightly bolder colors and patterns with a beautiful blend of grace and artistry that will make a statement in any room.

Perhaps you’re looking for a warm white surface with wispy, gray veins to tie together wooden cabinetry and stainless steel appliances and hardware.

Maybe you want to up the ante on warmth with a wash of beige and amber tones. For those seeking a bolder pattern, an arctic array of white, gray, and charcoal might be just the right statement piece for an oversized island or even a full-height backsplash.

Benefits of Spectrum Quartz Countertops

There are dozens of stunning options to consider when you choose Spectrum Quartz, and you’ll enjoy untold practical benefits as well. This versatile, durable counter surface is resistant to staining, scratching, etching, and other damage, and the nonporous surface offers an antimicrobial function for food-safe prep space.

Chemical-resistant quartz is also easy to clean and maintain. Any all-purpose household cleaning solvent will do the trick, and you never have to seal quartz. A Limited Lifetime Warranty backs every slab.

Why Choose Academy Marble & Granite?

Unless you’re an interior decorator, you may struggle to find the right pieces for your home remodel. Even if you have some ideas, putting it all together to create a cohesive design that represents your personal style is no easy feat.

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