PentalQuartz Countertops

PentalQuartz® ⁠— The Beauty of Natural Stone Engineered to Provide Superior Durability

With an expansive portfolio of quartz products, PentalQuartz offers one of the most versatile options to suit any surface in both residential and commercial settings. Their quartz is created from a high-tech composition and combines the enduring beauty of natural stone with superior strength and durability.

Each of their quartz products carries a valuable warranty: 15 years for residential applications and 10 years for commercial applications. This assurance will provide peace of mind for years to come when installing PentalQuartz in your home or business.

PentalQuartz offers a beautiful and highly durable non-porous surface for countertops, backsplashes, and shower surrounds. Explore the possibilities of PentalQuartz for your next project!

High-Tech Composition

PentalQuartz is a composite of natural quartz, one of our planet’s most abundant and hardest minerals, and contains pigments bound with high-quality polymer resins. It is created using the latest and most advanced technology of Breton SpA of Italy, one of the largest manufacturers of engineered stone in the world. The resulting solid, non-porous product is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Abundant Collections & Color Palette

PentalQuartz comes curated in four exciting collections featuring over 100 color and style options. Their expansive collections include Natural, Classic, Inspire and Bookmarked.

With an abundance of PentalQuartz colors from which to choose, you won’t be struggling from lack of options. From the Natural Collection’s Venatino, with its soft white marbled appearance veined in prominent dark grey to the Bookmatched Collection’s Livorno Polished with a midnight black background highlighted with stark white diagonal veining, you’ll be enchanted by each color and style of quartz.

PentalQuartz is a favorite choice for interior designers, home builders, and architects for its beauty, durability, and myriad of color, pattern and finish options. If you are working with a trade professional, be sure to suggest PentalQuartz for your next project.

Solid Color & Pattern

PentalQuartz colors and patterns are always solid and go all the way through each slab. The same beauty and color appearing on the slab surface continues all the way through. This allows for a wide variety of edge profiles to be applied without a change in physical appearance.

Ample Finish Options

There is an ample range of finish options with each PentalQuartz style to suit your aesthetic and application. You’ll find four finish types of polished, honed, satin and brushed. Each finish possesses a different look and unique characteristics.

Keep in mind, not every PentalQuartz color is available in all finishes due to the nature of the stone. Some colors come in honed or satin finish offering the soft appearance of a lower sheen compared to the glossy look of the high polished quartz finish. The honed and satin finishes may need slightly more attention in cleaning and maintenance than the countertops with a polished finish. Since the honed or satin finishes create more surface area to the quartz, it is prone to showing more signs of daily use.

Interior Surface Applications

As a durable quartz-composite engineered stone, PentalQuartz is suitable for almost any interior application. PentalQuartz can be successfully used for both residential and commercial applications including flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, shower/tub surrounds, and bar tops. Quartz has many advantages over other natural stones as it offers greater strength, stain and scratch resistance, and color/pattern consistency.

Food & Kitchen Safe

There are no worries when installing PentalQuartz in the home or commercial kitchen. Surfaces made of quartz are safe for delivery, storage, and use with food. GREENGUARD certifies each slab for indoor air quality, children and schools and by NSF for food safety (ANSI 051).

If you’re looking for the most versatile, long-lasting, and beautiful surface for your home or commercial space, PentalQuartz provides all that and more.

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