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Create Beauty and Function with Caesarstone© Countertops

Caesarstone is a luxurious design alternative to natural stone and it is a favorite choice for many homeowners and designers due to its endless design capabilities, versatility and durability. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling an existing one, Caesarstone countertops will give your home an uplifting sense of graceful beauty and comfortable functionality. From the classical Romanesque marble-look of Statuario Maximus to the rugged, contemporary look of Concrete, Caesarstone offers an awesome selection of fabricated stone for your perfect new countertop.
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What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a quartz-based manufactured stone which is mainly used to create beautiful and highly functional kitchen and vanity countertops, but is also frequently used for shower and tub surrounds as well as interior wall cladding. Caesarstone is made from a proprietary blend of up to 93% natural quartz which is combined with colors and polymer resins to make each of the specific designer patterns and colors, as seen in the Collections Portfolio. Caesarstone quartz surfaces and countertops are made in a high-tech, tightly controlled batch process that assures unequaled beauty and quality in every Caesarstone slab.

Where is Caesarstone Made?

Caesarstone began manufacturing in Israel in 1987 and its countertops are Kosher Certified for food preparation. But as Caesarstone became widely recognized as a leading pioneer in the fabricated stone industry, the company began production in 2015 at its first U.S. plant in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The company now ships and sells its products in 55 countries worldwide.

How Does Caesarstone Compare to Natural Stone?

Unlike quarried stone slabs (marble, granite and quartzite) that may have naturally occurring mineral inclusions due to eons of metamorphic heat and pressure fluctuations, Caesarstone is virtually flawless. The flawless nature of Caesarstone is achieved by each slab meeting precise standards of excellence in every step of the manufacturing process. The multi-step manufacturing process involves exact ingredient blending and strict quality control at each phase until the finished slab is tagged for shipment.  The result is not only a flawless design, but also a non-porous, durable surface that lends itself to contemporary functionality.

Why Choose Caesarstone?

While many select Caesarstone for its endless design capabilities and large palette rich in color and texture, Caesarstone boasts a multitude of benefits that make it an idea selection for your projects. Providing a non-porous surface, Caesarstone requires no sealer and provides a mold and mildew resistant surface, making it an ideal option for kitchen and bath projects.  In addition, the surface is heat, scratch and stain resistant, providing a more durable alternative to natural stone surfaces that can require a higher level of maintenance. When considering Caesartsone, you can feel confident making an investment in a product that can last a lifetime.