Emerstone Quartz

Distinctly Divine Emerstone Quartz

For almost a decade, Emerstone quartz countertops have provided brilliant class and exceptional value as a favorite choice for homeowners and builders. These countertops are high-value quartz products with a low price point that makes them affordable for a wide range of consumers.

Manufactured overseas and imported to the United States, Emerstone quartz offers dozens of colors for countertops to suit any kitchen or bath, and the Emerstone distribution model ensures exceptional value without sacrificing quality or beauty.

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The Appeal of Emerstone Quartz Countertops

Natural quartz is one of the hardest and strongest materials on the planet. While other manufacturers may mix quartz with a hefty number of different materials to save on production costs, Emerstone quartz is an impressive 93% natural quartz.

In addition, the sustainable, ecologically friendly manufacturing and processing methods used by Emerstone create quartz products that are 100% indoor emissions-free. The materials are completely stable, and there are no chemicals in the stone. This offers owners the opportunity to enjoy a style of living that is harmonious and healthy.

Features and Benefits of Emerstone Quartz

Emerstone prides itself on its reputation for cutting-edge profiles and bold designs, not to mention its brilliant color options and luxury features.

A Non-Porous, Non-Absorbent Surface

When you choose an Emerstone quartz product, you’ll enjoy a countertop that is completely non-absorbent. This means your kitchen or bath piece will be non-porous, so you will never have to spend time, money, or effort on sealing your Emerstone quartz — it will never need sealing.

Top-Tier Hardness

You probably already know that a hard material is usually very strong, but Emerstone quartz goes beyond simple strength. When you choose Emerstone, you’ll enjoy a super-durable hyper-hard surface that never transfers or retains flavors.

In addition, Emerstone quartz goes through a special design process that minimizes defects and cracks while ensuring balanced hardening in every product. This is just one more reason why so many people choose Emerstone quartz for their homes.

Leading Designs and Colors

When it comes to trending colors and popular designs, the Emerstone name is synonymous with industry-leading style. The brand is well known for its ability to successfully blur the lines between different genres of design. This results in full product lines with designs that are timeless.

At any given moment, Emerstone has in its product inventory dozens of choices for colors and finishes along with brave edge designs, attention-grabbing vein patterns, and more.

Low- or No-Maintenance Quartz from Emerstone

Not only is quartz extremely hard but it’s also very scratch- and stain-resistant. It doesn’t stop there, though, because it’s also extremely chip-resistant, dent-resistant, and crack-resistant.

Emerstone quartz kitchen and bath products are both maintenance-free and worry-free.

An Impressive Selection of Stone Beauty

Quartz has long been a top choice for lovers of stone furnishings, and it’s easy to see why. Emerstone has taken that love for quartz and fashioned it into every design, every color choice, and every product. You can see the quality in each stunning piece.

Emerstone is renowned for its collections of marble-like colors that bring excitement into homes. The company is known for its ability to create custom designs with unsurpassed longevity along with the option to choose from natural or classic finishes.

Cleaning Emerstone Quartz Countertops

Upkeep for Emerstone quartz products is a breeze. All you need for daily cleaning is a soft sponge with warm water. For stubborn grease, you can use a gentle liquid cleaner or dishwasher detergent.

Never use a coarse brush or abrasive cleaners because they can dull the finish of the quartz over time. Although most household products that come in contact with quartz don’t affect it, don’t allow paint strippers or drain cleaners to touch the surface.

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