Snow White Marble

Snow White Marble
Snow White Marble

Snow White Marble Offers Timeless Enchantment

Like the fairy-tale princess of the same name, Snow White marble is beautifully pale and regal, showcasing all the best qualities of this luminous stone. Cool and pristine, this variety of marble features a pure white foundation brushed with whispers of pale gray striations, like shadows shifting across a snowbank.

The marble is cool and calming you just might feel as though you’re admiring an enchanting winter wonderland from the comfort of your home.

Sometimes referred to as Thassos Snow White marble because it’s quarried on the Greek island of Thassos in the Aegean Sea, this versatile marble offers the perfect opportunity to make any kitchen or bathroom brighter and more inviting.

If you’re set on a breezy kitchen in all white, the subtle gray patterns will add just the right amount of contrast to stand out against white cabinetry. You don’t have to be loud to make a statement, and Snow White marble delivers the sophisticated style that takes your interior design to the next level.

It also looks stunning atop black cabinetry for those who love high contrast or the classic black-and-white aesthetic. It’s equally appealing with modern, gray cabinets. Snow White marble is particularly ideal as a transition between gray lower and white upper cabinets.

Because it’s a true neutral, Snow White marble pairs well with a range of wood tones. It’s also gorgeous with colored cabinetry in just about any hue, from a saturated navy or cranberry to a bright, zesty yellow to soft, subtle pink or pale, minty green.

Colored cabinets are gaining popularity in kitchen and bath design, and if you’re struggling to pair your favorite shades with the right counter material, you simply can’t go wrong with this breathtaking marble.


Although marble doesn’t rank the highest on the Mohs hardness scale, at 3-5, it’s still incredibly strong and durable, and it will last a lifetime with proper care and sealing. Because it is a natural stone, marble is incredibly resistant to heat, so you don’t have to worry about damage from setting a hot pot or curling iron on your counter.

Like other natural stones, marble is porous, which means it could be susceptible to staining, etching, and other surface damage. You can prevent this by keeping your stone properly sealed and cleaning with the right products.

Maintaining Marble

Maintaining pristine marble is as simple as mixing a gentle cleanser (like dish soap) with warm water. It’s always best to follow with a water rinse to remove any soap residue, and dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots.

You can also use a specialty stone cleaner that offers one-step appeal (spray and wipe). Some products even help to preserve the stone’s sealant.

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