Imperial Danby Marble

Imperial Danby Marble
Imperial Danby Marble

Iconic and Inviting Imperial Danby Marble

Beautiful varieties of white marble come from all over the world, with sources in China, India, and Spain, but most notably in Italy. What you might not know is that you can find bright and breathtaking marble right here in the U.S. when you choose Danby marble varieties.

There are nine different types of Danby marble, each delivering unique patterns on a white background. Some have green-hued veining while others feature chunky striations. One of the most popular and versatile options, however, is Imperial Danby, which is closer in appearance to the Calacattas and Carraras that dominate the market.

What is Imperial Danby marble and what makes it the ideal choice for your kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace remodel? Here’s everything you need to know to fall in love with this gorgeous natural stone.

The Iconic Beauty of Imperial Danby

Danby marble varieties can offer subtle simplicity, as with the pale, wispy brushstrokes of gray veining particular to Olympian White Classic Danby.

They can also serve up a visual cacophony, as with the thick, craggy, charcoal veining rending the surface of Montclair Danby or the stormy flow of steel, smoke, and graphite roiling across a slab of Fantastico Danby.

Imperial Danby marble falls somewhere in the middle, with light to medium veining in pale gray, plus hints of honeyed gold. The unique patterning of this variety floats in soft, meandering striations across an icy, white surface, creating the appearance of a solitary, windswept snowfield.

An American Treasure

While the most popular and well-known marble varieties are quarried in Italy, you won’t be disappointed by the Danbys dug up stateside.

Quarried in Vermont at Dorset Mountain, near the town of Danby, Imperial Danby marble is the rarest variety, mined alongside eight other varieties: Appalachian Green, Eureka, Fantastico, Montclair, Mountain White, Olympian White Classic, Olympian White Select, and Royal Danby.

Although you might see some sellers referring to slabs simply as “Danby” marble, it’s important to know which variety you’re getting. Some are rarer and/or more popular than others, and this can impact pricing. You want to make sure you’re getting the Imperial Danby variety you pay for.

A Rare and Robust Stone

White marble is known for its incredible luminosity that draws the eye and brightens home interiors. However, it isn’t renowned for resilience. On the Mohs hardness scale, marble tends to range from about 3 to 5. For comparison, granite falls at 6 to 7.

Marble is naturally strong and durable, like any natural stone, but fear of staining white marble could hold you back from choosing it. However, Danby varieties are denser than many types of marble, resulting in less absorption, less risk of staining, and greater overall longevity.

With Imperial Danby, you’ll get peace of mind and a surface that’s easier to clean and maintain. A damp rag will suffice for daily detritus, while gentle dish soap or a stone cleaner gets at grime.

Creating a Calm Interior

If you already love the look of Italian white marble varieties but you’re interested in locally-sourced options and/or more robust stone, Imperial Danby marble is an ideal choice to add elegance and luxury to any area in your home.

The neutral hues and soft patterns add a dose of dreamy tranquility to the kitchen, the bathroom, and other living spaces that will put you at ease and match nearly any design style.

The classic appeal of Imperial Danby looks lovely with traditional designs, and the hints of gold veining tie in with an array of warm, rich wood tones for cabinetry and flooring. You can also use gold, brass, or bronze hardware to pick up on the flecks of warmth in your slab.

Imperial Danby also adds dimension to a tonal, white kitchen and makes an especially bold statement when you choose book-matched slabs for the counter and full-height backsplash. If you prefer the drama of contrast, pair it with classic black or modern gray cabinets for intense visual interest.

Find the Perfect Slab at Academy Marble

Residents of New York and Connecticut know the value of pairing traditional materials with modern design sensibilities to create trendy and inviting home interiors that deliver timeless luxury.

If Imperial Danby marble has caught your eye, it’s time to partner with Academy Marble to find the ideal slab for your home. Visit our showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, to get assistance from our knowledgeable and creative team.

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