Emperador Dark Marble

Emperador Dark Marble
Emperador Dark Marble

Rich and Alluring Emperador Dark Marble

Emperador Dark marble is quarried from Spain, a country where other rich and exciting marble varieties originate. Dark, earthy browns make up the backdrop of this warm and alluring natural stone, which features intense veining in lighter shades of brown, gray, and white that looking like liquid lightning spreading across a dark, moody sky.

Famous in colonial-style buildings throughout the Iberian Peninsula (where the stone is quarried), this dusky marble will pair nicely in a masculine bathroom or spacious kitchen, whether your home is of modern or traditional style. However, because it is so distinctive and eye-catching, it will significantly influence your space’s ambiance and aesthetics. So, what does this mean for your interior design?

If you want to lean into the warmth of the dark, chocolatey tones that dominate this marble, your best bet is to pair it with lighter, golden wood cabinetry and flooring, perhaps with creamy accents like backsplash tile to lighten the mood and ensure that the countertops stand out. You could also choose cream-colored cabinets to create more contrast in your space.

That said, the Emperador Dark marble is also ideal for more masculine designs that feature darker materials overall. Black cabinets may not be an ideal pairing, as this alluring marble’s earthy brown and black shades are likely to compete and possibly create  minor visual discord. Instead, choose espresso or even mahogany hues for cabinetry to carry the warm feeling throughout your space. Emperador Dark marble will still stand out thanks to prominent veining that adds incredible movement to every slab.

This design choice is best reserved for spacious rooms that could benefit from a cozier feel. If you have a smaller kitchen, consider choosing upper cabinets in a lighter shade (a golden oak or pale cream, for example) to keep the room feeling bright and airy. Meanwhile, darker lower cabinets and countertops will ground the design.

If you’re interested in adding color, do so with care. Pairing blues with browns is a classic design combination, which means you can take advantage of trends like navy lower cabinets to add a bit more personality to your space. You could also choose a tile or wall paint in a pale shade of blue (like robin’s egg) to offset your Emperador Dark marble.

Any time you add a marble countertop to your home, you’ll want to make sure to care for it properly to ensure an attractive shine and the greatest longevity. Because marble is a softer natural stone (ranking about 3.5-5 on the MOHs hardness scale), it needs to be properly sealed to prevent issues like scratching and etching. Regular resealing is essential.

In the meantime, you can clean your marble countertops with mild soap and water, provided you rinse thoroughly and dry it with a microfiber cloth to prevent a filmy buildup that makes the surface look dull. Alternately, you might want to save some time with a natural stone cleaner that attacks water spots, grease, and other grime and leaves a brilliant shine.

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