Dolomite Marble

Dolomite Marble Countertops
Dolomite Marble

Highly desirable for its gleaming white aesthetic and durable nature, Dolomite marble makes a beautiful addition to today’s most elegant interior spaces. Dolomite is a naturally occurring marble stone that is quarried from dense areas referred to as dolomite beds in Turkey’s Marmara region.

Although this marble is beloved for its dazzling white appearance, there is small, horizontal veining present if you look closely. It has the white and gray veins and striations that are common to other marble slabs but it has a more delicate appearance. In some slabs, you may even notice a slight red veining; the desirability is all dependent on the look of your choice. Dolomite marble has a smooth and glossy surface, giving it a beautifully polished sheen.

Dolomite marble is primarily composed of dolomite mineral, making it harder than most other marble surfaces. This hardy natural stone is comparatively wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and pressure-resistant compared to other marble stone, however, it is still marble. It falls between quartzite (hardest) and marble (softest) on the hardness scale. The durable properties of the stone make Dolomite marble ideal for today’s luxurious yet frequently used kitchens and bathrooms.

However, as with many natural stones, dolomite is porous and should be sealed after installation. To further protect the marble, spills and food should be wiped up immediately, and a cutting board should be used in the kitchen.

The crisp white nature of Dolomite marble makes it a smart choice for those looking for a fresh, bright application. For the kitchen, topping the island and countertops off with this natural stone will bring beauty and brawn to your daily cooking and meal prep. In the bathroom, vanities and shower surrounds in Dolomite marble will gleam.

For those looking for the latest in on-trend style, Dolomite marble countertops set against matte or gloss black or navy cabinetry will make a striking visual. Add rose gold or bold brass faucets and hardware for a beautiful touch of luxury. In addition, you can apply Dolomite marble as the fireplace surround or mantle to create an impressive focal point in the living room or family room.

We suggest finding a knowledgeable natural stone fabricator to assist you in finding the ideal Dolomite marble slab for your purpose and placement. With our fabulous selection of marble from Turkey and other international locations, you’re sure to find the luxe look and high function you are searching for.

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