Creama-Marfil Marble

Creama Marfil Marble - Academy Marble
Creama Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil is quarried in a mountain range located in Spain. This marble is primarily cream in color. Depending on its exact origin, it can be lighter or darker in tone with small variances in veining. This beige color is very versatile in both home and commercial settings.

The Crema-Marfil marble features subtle veining appearing as small random etchings. Suited for bathroom & kitchen applications such as backsplashes, flooring, walls and countertops. Commercial use of the stone in hotel lobby or office meeting rooms is also popular.

The warm presence of the tile lends itself to rooms with lower natural light.

The neutral presence of this stone pairs well with a variety of cabinet colors and styles. White, merlot and maple are some of the most popular cabinet tones to apply. It also can fit into many style settings. From a modern chevron pattern on kitchen backsplash to a honed bathroom floor tile creating a rustic retreat.

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