Calacatta Oro Extra — The Marble of Your Dreams

Calacatta Oro Extra
Calacatta Oro Extra

When it comes to choosing the right countertops for your home remodeling project, start by considering the type of natural stone you prefer. If you’ve already fallen in love with the soft luminosity of marble, all that remains is to select the unique color, pattern, and slab that will serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen, bathroom, or other room.

Calacatta is renowned for its beauty, and with plenty of variations to choose from, this lovely and elegant stone offers an ideal way to add luxury to any home. If you’re looking for a little extra to make your marble truly sing, the soft yet prominent veining of Calacatta Oro Extra is sure to please.

What benefits will you enjoy when you select this eye-catching marble for your home interior?

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Quarried in Italy, this Calacatta variety features a warm, white background beset by ample veining in gray hues ranging from pale to graphite. Depending on the slab, a smattering of taupe and golden veins may also appear.

What you’re likely to appreciate most about this arresting natural stone variety is the hefty dose of personality stamped across the surface in gloriously crackled striations. The high variation of patterning catches the eye and creates visual interest in the center of your room, breaking up solid cabinetry and backsplash elements in your design.

With that being said, the veining is soft enough to maintain the sense of serenity you need when you escape the madding world for the sanctuary of home. This versatile stone offers the perfect balance of stimulating patterns paired with the creamy, dreamy appeal of marble.

Easy Pairing for Modern and Traditional Designs

Like many white marble varieties, Calacatta Oro Extra is easy to pair with other design elements, thanks to its neutral palette. This variety is particularly appealing because it features both warm and cool coloration, as well as patterning that could stand out or recede, depending on other design choices.

For example, adding Calacatta Oro Extra to a pristine all-white kitchen will help to break up the monochromatic palette with touches of color and intense pattern variation.

It can also act as a lovely transition between black or gray lower cabinets with white uppers, thanks to the large volume of gray on the surface. This transition is especially striking when you opt to extend counter surfaces to a full-height backsplash.

Because of the hints of gold, this marble variety is also a good choice to pair with wood-tone cabinets to enhance a sense of warmth. While the intertwining webwork of veining is attention-grabbing, the softness and translucency of the strokes make it easy to pair with other patterns, such as a bold geometric or metallic backsplash tile.

Elevate Your Interior with Marble

Every stone has unique properties, and the gift of marble is unmatched luminosity. White varieties often appear to have an inner glow that lends a soft, soothing appeal to your living spaces, imbuing every room with refined elegance and a feeling of tranquility.

Marble is a natural stone, so it offers incredible durability. However, it does land on the softer end of stones used for countertops, at roughly 3 to 5 on the Mohs’ hardness scale (as opposed to the 6 to 7 rating of granite). All this means is you have to take a bit of extra care when maintaining your countertops.

Clean daily with little more than a soft, damp cloth, or use gentle dish soap and warm water for stickier food messes. Remember to address acidic spills like wine, coffee, and pasta sauce immediately to prevent stains. Staying on top of sealing will also help to prevent stains, and you may want to use a stone cleaning solvent to preserve the seal.

Find the Ideal Slab at Academy Marble & Granite

You really do get the best of both worlds when you choose Calacatta Oro Extra, featuring both bold and soft elements that allow for an endless array of design pairings to suit your personal style sensibilities.

When you’re ready to select the right slab for your kitchen counters, shower enclosure, or fireplace surround and hearth, the experienced professionals at Academy Marble & Granite are happy to help. Visit a convenient showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, today to get your project underway.

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