Bold and Brilliant Arabescato Corchia Marble

Corchia Marble
Corchia Marble

Marble is distinguished from other natural stone types like granite and quartzite because of its unique qualities, including soft, luminous surfaces and marbled veining patterns. While some varieties, like Carrara marble, feature soft, wispy markings, others have much more prominent and defined veining that offers dynamic visual texture.

Arabescato Corchia marble falls into the latter category, and for a homeowner looking to make a bold declaration about their personal style, few varieties are better suited to the task. Slabs of this stone bring dramatic movement to any counter surface, backsplash, fireplace surround, or shower enclosure.

If you’re tired of bland, monochromatic interiors designed to appeal to the masses — and you want a kitchen or bathroom space imbued with personality — you can’t go wrong with lively Arabescato Corchia marble. What can you expect from this stunning natural stone?

Bright Whites, Big City Style

Quarried in Italy, this high-variation stone offers both contrast and loads of movement. The bright white background is heavily marked by graphite veining that sometimes veers into more honeyed tones. This stone is largely in the cool color category, although some slabs could feature hints of warmth.

When seen at a distance, Arabescato Corchia gives viewers the impression of a frozen sea, with chunks of broken ice floating on the surface of a cool, brooding swell. With an abundance of veining, it resembles an aerial photo from an expedition to the North Pole.

At heart, this stone is incredibly dynamic, and it will bring a lot of drama to your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home. To call this stone eye-catching would be an understatement, and as such, it’s not for the stylistically faint of heart.

When you choose Arabescato Corchia marble for countertops or other surfaces, it will be the focus of the room. You must prepare to build your interior design around it, as it could be difficult to match with some other patterns and textures.

The Dominating Element in Your Design

The fierce beauty of Arabescato Corchia is difficult to compete with, and for the sake of a calming and cohesive design, you don’t want to choose elements that will vie for attention. This showstopping marble should be the star of the show in any room where you install it.

While you’ll have to be careful about pairing Arabescato Corchia with a patterned backsplash tile, for example, you needn’t steer clear of color. This neutral stone will not only spice up a classic tonal or black-and-white design, but you can also enhance its overall appeal with a bold color choice for cabinets or backsplash tile.

Because it is primarily cool, Arabescato Corchia will look divine next to trending navy or royal blue hues. Maybe you prefer a periwinkle or millennial pink backsplash tile. Or perhaps you love the look of lower cabinets in a rich, cranberry color. Saturated tones work just as well as pastels with this lovely and versatile marble variety, so don’t be afraid to add color to the mix.

Proper Care for Minimal Wear

Marble is naturally robust, as are most stone counter materials. It’s incredibly resistant to heat, as well as common forms of damage like scratching, chipping, and cracking.

Because it is more porous than other stone types, such as granite, marble can be more susceptible to etching and staining, but you can address these concerns through proper care.

You’ll want to start with regular sealing to protect the surface. Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasives, and acidic substances that could compromise the seal and create opportunities for stains to seep in. Make sure to wipe up known staining agents like coffee, tea, wine, and pasta sauce quickly.

You can clean marble surfaces easily enough with a soft, damp rag or sponge, or add gentle dish soap to the mix for stuck-on grime. Consider a stone cleaning product that features extra protection to extend the usable life of the sealant.

Find Striking Arabescato Corchia at Academy Marble & Granite

Arabescato Corchia marble delivers the statement style many homeowners and business owners are seeking and acts as the perfect focal centerpiece of kitchen and bathroom designs.

If you’re ready to start perusing slabs, visit Academy Marble & Granite today at one of our convenient showrooms in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY. Our talented and experienced team is always happy to offer guidance and help you get your project started.

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