White Pearl Quartzite

Elegant, Sophisticated White Pearl Quartzite

White Pearl Quartzite
White Pearl Quartzite

Trends in kitchen design come and go, but a pristine, white kitchen is as timeless as a little black dress, a cup of cocoa in winter, or the thrill of popping bubble wrap. Of course, when everything in a room is the same color, it can feel a bit flat or even boring.

This possibility is why it’s important to vary tone, pattern, and texture to create depth and visual interest without giving up on your tonal design. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is with a remarkable slab of natural stone material for countertops, and elegant white pearl quartzite is an ideal choice.

Quarried in Brazil, this stunning quartzite features a creamy white background brushed with linear striations in taupe and gray hues, ranging from pale, wispy streaks to heavy, bold stripes.

The slab you select will make a huge difference in how dramatic your countertop appears, and the choice may depend somewhat on other elements in your design.

If, for example, you want your quartzite counters to serve as a statement piece and a focal point in your kitchen, you should look for a slab with heavy veining. In addition, the cabinetry and backsplash materials should complement but not overwhelm the counter surface.

Using the example of an all-white kitchen, this shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. Even with gray or black cabinetry, white pearl quartzite will stand out, with the patterning creating a cohesive link with darker elements in the design.

What you don’t necessarily want to do is set it next to creamy cabinets that are too close to the same color or choose pale blonde or taupe wood tones. You should also avoid overly dramatic backsplash materials like patterned tile that will compete with the stone and detract from its appeal.

An easy fix here is to simply extend the quartzite vertically, so the backsplash serves as a continuation of the counter. You might also choose a slab with milder patterns and place the emphasis of the design elsewhere.

For example, you could opt for a trending cabinet color like red, burgundy, or rich cherry wood, particularly for a focal island or lower cabinets. The creamy stone will pop against a saturated hue, but the two elements will offer a harmonious union rather than a jarring dichotomy.

In truth, this versatile neutral is easy to pair with nearly any kitchen design, which gives homeowners every opportunity to install a strong, durable counter surface that stands up to all kinds of use and abuse.

Quartzite is even harder than granite and resistant to staining, scratching, chipping, heat, and even UV rays, among other potential forms of damage.

When properly sealed and cared for, it can last a lifetime, and cleaning is easier than you might expect. Wiping with a mixture of gentle dish soap and water is generally sufficient, although you could also choose a natural stone cleanser for the ease of spray-and-wipe cleaning.

If you’re looking for the perfect marriage of strength and serenity, with the option for plenty of personality, you can’t go wrong with white pearl quartzite. Visit Academy Marble & Granite today at either of our showrooms — in Bethel, CT, and Rye, NY — to speak with an expert and pick your preferred slab.

Meta: White Pearl quartzite is a durable natural stone surface with depth and dimension. Contact Academy Marble located in NY & CT to view our selection of slabs.

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