Dolce Vita Quartzite

Dolce Vita Quartzite - A Yellow-Orange Glow

Dolce Vita Quartzite - Academy Marble, Rye NY
Dolce Vita Quartzite

Found in the quarried stones of Italy is Dolce Vita Quartzite. A yellow-orange glow is cast from this stone, projecting a more traditional appearance from afar. There are many variations of the stone due to the rapid movement of the veins and tones. Most contain swirls of white, ivory, gray and peach as the stone’s main color sources.


The shade of this slab appears to be similar in tone to the Taj Mahal Quartzite, but there is more movement in the veins of the Dolce Vita stone. When applied to kitchens or bathrooms, this is one golden stone that works incredibly well with white cabinets.

Surrounding tile should be in agreement with the casual warm tone. A honed marble backsplash, is a cozy monochromatic compliment to this kitchen countertop.  This stone features bold white highlights and contains hints of peach background, providing depth. Cabinetry tones that work well with this stone are cream, gray and deep mahogany.

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