Classic White Quartzite

Classic White Quartzite: A Sophisticated and Resilient Choice

Classic White Quartzite
Classic White Quartzite

There’s no denying the beauty and appeal of marble countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces in the home, but if you have a household filled with kids, pets, and frequent guests, you may be leery of choosing this softer stone option, no matter how much you like the look.

The good news? Quartzite offers a durable substitute. When you choose the right variety, it can provide a similar aesthetic to marble.

Classic White quartzite is a prime example. Quartzite is known for having a similar appearance to particular marble varieties, although veining patterns tend to be a little more streaky than swirly. Still, it’s similar in appearance enough so that the casual observer wouldn’t know the difference.

This stunning natural stone in particular features a stark, white background brushed by gray striations, with minimal streaks of darker veining. The appearance can be incredibly close to some of the most popular marble varieties, like Calacatta or Carrera, so you know it will go with almost any interior design.

The inclusion of Classic White quartzite in a white, tonal kitchen or bathroom, for example, adds subtle visual interest, thanks to standout gray patterning.

These countertop surfaces are even better in modern white and gray kitchens, where the stone can help to tie together elements like light upper cabinets with dark lower cabinets. Naturally, it works well in a stylish, black-and-white design, as well.

But how does Classic White quartzite pair with warmer wood tones or colored cabinets? Because white and gray are true neutrals, this striking stone goes well with close to any combination of cabinets and elements, including hardware, fixtures, backsplash tile, and more.

While Classic White quartzite tends to be a cool neutral, it will still look fantastic atop wood cabinets that range in color from pale blond to rich mahogany. It will also pair beautifully with some of the most popular colorful cabinet choices, including trendy blues and greens. It even looks stunning with bright, sunny yellows and the mauves, plums, and taupes that are gaining popularity.

What really makes this stone a perfect fit for families, however, is that it delivers the look of marble with the durability of quartzite. Marble ranks at about 3-5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Even though granite is far more resilient at 6-7, quartzite wins the strength showdown at a solid 7, making it one of the hardest natural stones used for counter surfaces.

Quartzite is resistant to heat, staining, scratching, etching, chipping, and other everyday harm. It’s also UV-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about fading or color changes. It has low porosity, as well. When polished and sealed, it’s incredibly food safe.

Quartzite is easy to clean, too – warm water and gentle dish soap will do the trick, as long as you remember to rinse afterwards to avoid filmy buildup and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots.

A stone cleaner is another easy, one-step option. Just spray and wipe to preserve the life of your quartzite sealant.

If you love the look of marble, but you need exceptional resilience, Academy Marble & Granite can help you find the perfect Classic White quartzite slab for your home. Check out our portfolio for design inspiration or visit one of our conveniently located showrooms in Bethel, CT or Rye, NY to get started.

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