Azul Macaubas Quartzite

Enjoy True Blue Beauty with Azul Macaubas Quartzite

Azul Macaubas Quartzite
Azul Macaubas Quartzite

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners choose neutral hues for the kitchen or bath. They may like the bright, clean look of a pure white space, or they may feel that sticking with mild, neutral tones is the best way to appeal to mainstream home buyers if the goal is to optimize resale potential. On the flip side, with a balanced design, you can imbue your home with a colorful personality while still giving it that custom, luxury look and feel.

Quarried in Brazil, this eye-catching natural stone features a pale or medium cool blue background with darker royal blue striations and subtle beige to brown veining. Azul Macaubas Quartzite is an excellent choice for homeowners who prefer the neutral palette yet desire a splash of color that lends itself to some additional personality.

When used for countertop surfaces, this attractive and unique option looks like the cerulean waters of the Caribbean swirling through your space. Because it is so colorful, you’ll want to pair it with neutral tones so that your countertops remain the clear focal point instead of getting lost in visual clutter.

Even so, you can use this gorgeous quartzite for a dazzling effect in a variety of combinations. For example, it will inject a dose of liveliness into an all-white design. A tonal kitchen can be lovely but end up feeling a bit spartan if you’re not careful. With a powerful pop of color in the countertops, you can avoid this design snafu and really personalize your space.

For a bolder statement, you might choose a natural stone with deeper coloration and consider using it not only for countertops but the backsplash, as well. Although Azul Macaubas Quartzite tends to be cool in tone, it also pairs wonderfully with warm wood tones, which create a rich contrast to the cooler hues in your countertops. You can even pair it with black cabinets to create a brilliant contrast or gray for a more subtle effect.

In addition to the visual feast offered up by this startling stone, you’re sure to love the practical qualities that come with choosing quartzite. At a solid seven on the MOHs hardness scale, this natural stone is even harder than granite, making it an excellent choice for busy households.

This means you can avoid harm from common threats like heat, scratching, etching, and so on, provided you care for your stone properly. Quartzite should be sealed regularly, with daily maintenance tasks, including wiping away spots with water and a lint-free microfiber cloth and cleaning dust, food splatter, and other grime with water and mild dish soap, followed by thorough rinsing to preserve the shine.

Your home is your castle, so why not make it feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury with Azul Macaubas Quartzite countertops that can lift your spirits every time you look at them? You’ll have no trouble finding complementary design elements that suit your style preferences, balance the bold color, and make your house look like a picture in a magazine.

If you’re ready to find the perfect natural stone countertops for your home, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today or stop by one of our convenient showroom locations in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY.

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