Everest Marble Countertops

Stunning Quartz from Everest Marble

Everest Marble brings optimal function and lasting beauty to today’s homes and commercial spaces with their superior natural stone imports. For over two decades, Everest’s mission has been to provide the most luxurious stone surfaces to create the dream kitchen and bathroom you desire.

In addition to the company’s natural stone portfolio, Everest has also become the exclusive supplier of the stone industry’s most revolutionary quartz products, Aurea Stone and 4 Elements Quartz.

Aurea Stone—The realistic equivalent to natural stone

Aurea stone is produced using PHI Technology, which gives the stone its white natural stone appearance. PHI technology uses ambient temperature and pressure to combine all the elements of the engineered stone material together, creating a lustrous white composition. Together with PHI Technology, Aurea Stone expertly melds the benefits and durability of engineered stone with the luxurious aesthetic of its natural counterpart; ultimately, producing the only quartz on the market with the extraordinary translucent look of authentic marble

You’ll find Aurea Stone Quartz is unique to other stones on the market for the following attributes:

Higher Definition: the only quartz possessing a high definition movement proven through its sharp, tight lines.

Grainless Surface: the only quartz with a grainless surface for the highest shine and best light refraction.

Whiter Color: the only quartz with an incredible white background achieved through PHI technology.

Superior Translucency: the only quartz with translucent properties equivalent to marble.

Aurea has perfected white marble quartz with its new generation of Quartz 2.0. In their collection below, you’ll discover the whitest whites in seven vivid choices to bring vibrancy and high shine to your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Calacatta Dinergy: Patterns showing many different shades and colors in contrasting lights and darks on each vein for a touch of dramatic elegance.

Divine: Inspired by marble statuary with dramatic veining juxtaposed against an icy white background.

Epitome: Golden veins highlight the natural essence of stone on the crispest white backdrop.

Lincoln: Inspired by the marble used on the Lincoln Memorial and characterized by a clean white background with distinctive gray veins.

Paragon: White marble color possessing a strong, elegant pattern to help you create unforgettable spaces.

Phidias: Marble-like quartz filled with colors and patterns found in nature and inspired by the discoverer of PHI.

Sfumato: Unique transparency with mild veining and background inspired by DaVinci’s art.

The Four Seasons—Nature transformed into high-technology quartz

Combining functionality with formality, 4e Quartz brings the beauty of nature’s colors to the kitchen and bathroom. This quartz stone is designed to evoke feelings, memories, and emotions with an array of hues, textures, and characteristics sure to move you.


You’ll find the perfect color to speak to your sense of style and beauty within their collection of sixteen  quartz options. From the dramatic Temperance with its earthy rust, moody grey and pristine ivory to the cool elegance of Alaska in icy white and greys, there’s a countertop to complement your kitchen or bathroom aesthetic.


The second most common terrestrial crust mineral, quartz is present in many rocks. While common, this naturally occurring material is anything but ordinary. It is heralded for its superior endurance and resistance, thus making it an ideal choice for durable countertops in the bathroom and kitchen. 4e quartz is expertly crafted of 92%-96% natural quartz for the stability and consistency found in natural stone. Their collection of quartz provides you with countertops that are at once beautiful, balanced, and harmonious.


Unlike marble, quartz is non-porous and stain-resistant, making it the ideal countertop of choice for home chefs and busy households whose kitchens are the heart of the home. Even the most worrisome substances and liquids won’t stain a 4e countertop. Quartz is also scratch-resistant, adding to the longevity of beauty for your counter surfaces.

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