Mont Blanc Quarzite

Mont Blanc Quartzite - A Natural Stone with Gray and Gold Flecks

Mont Blanc Quartzite
Mont Blanc Quartzite

Mont Blanc Quartzite is quarried in the mountains of Brazil. The coloring of the stone is primarily creamy white and has small veins of gray and gold throughout. Mont Blanc boasts sophistication, especially when polished and surrounded by high-end finishes like polished silver. This stone holds a stunning resemblance to marble. Homeowners and professionals alike love this quality - while marble is prone to etches and staining, quartzite is much more durable. If you’re a looking for a stone that holds up in a busy kitchen, quartzite is a great option.

Quartzite originates as sandstone and known for being extremely durable, which makes for an exceptional kitchen countertop. Quartzite can be sealed for an added level of protection for your countertop or bathroom vanity. What a practical way to get the look of marble with the toughness of Quartzite.

The texture of this stone varies from slab to slab proving effortless versatility. Minimal veining on a creamy white slab embodies a graceful and simplistic look. On the contrast, slabs featuring bold and powerful gray veining show movement in the stone and creates a design statement. Due to variances in slab veining, Mont Blanc slabs can be book-matched to create symmetry and enhance its composition. Book-matching involves cutting the slabs and matching them together side by side to create a mirror effect. Maintaining the flow of the stone is far more pleasing to the eye than having sudden changes in veining.

Mont Blanc pairs well with neutral cabinetry. Pair this stone with white surroundings to encourage a clean, subdued appearance. For a more impactful scheme, pair a dramatically veined stone with deep merlot or black colored cabinetry. Combine Mont Blanc Quartzite with any tone of hardware or fixtures, such as silver, bronze, gold, rubbed or matte black.

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