Corian® Quartz

Corian - Resilient Engineered Stone Surfaces

Corian is renowned for lovely, durable, and durable surface products, but you may not know that it also makes gorgeous, resilient quartz countertops that offer incredible value and appeal. When choosing the right materials for home upgrades, you’ll want to consider the benefits of Corian quartz.

Formerly known as DuPont Zodiaq, this gorgeous counter surface is made in Canada from 93% pure quartz crystals, paired with binding materials and pigments that create unique visual effects. Corian quartz can be made to look like a range of natural stone varieties, such as marble and granite, as well as popular alternatives like concrete and terrazzo.

Some of the most eye-catching designs feature the natural appeal of quartz crystals that catch the light and create a stunning focal point for kitchens, bathrooms, vanities, laundry rooms, or other areas. It’s no wonder this line of engineered stone is quickly becoming a favorite of interior designers and homeowners alike.

An Upgrade to Nature

There’s a reason stone countertops are a popular choice in home design — they can bring a piece of nature inside, in all its beauty and glory. It’s hard to argue with the organic appeal of marble veining, granite's dimensionality, or quartzite's soothing striations.

Although engineered quartz isn’t strictly natural, it gets a leg up by taking the best of nature and enhancing it in a range of innovative ways. Corian quartz delivers captivating colors and patterns that can serve as a basis for interior design, a standout statement piece, or a soothing backdrop to a happy place.

Every homeowner wants something unique from their overall design and the elements that contribute to a cohesive aesthetic. The options in Corian’s quartz collection offer unmatched beauty and versatility to transform and elevate any living space with trendy, timeless, and unique designs.

A Selection of Brilliant Designs

The vast array of colors, patterns, and features offered in the Corian quartz collection is a culmination of input from designers, artists, architects, and other industry experts working together to create functional, beautiful surface materials.

The versatile selection ranges from light to dark, bright to soft, and low- to high-variation patterns, with a range of neutral hues to work in any design palette.

For those who love the look of Calacatta marble but prefer a nonporous surface, Calacatta Novello meets all of these needs with a white background sporting thick veining in gray with hints of beige. Or, for lovers of the drama of dark granite, monochromatic Grigione in ashen hues can meet these expectations.

Perhaps you’re looking for a tonal terrazzo, in which case the light gray Alabaster Terrazzo, sprinkled with translucent nougat, is sure to please. Perhaps the soothing, soft white background and delicate gray striations of Bianco Dolomite could fulfill a love of serene quartzite.

Corian offers options that mimic everything from natural soapstone and modern cement to innovative takes on classics, like the Blue Carrara — riddled with navy veining — that looks like a delectable chunk of blue cheese.

Not only will you find plenty of varieties to suit any design, but you are also sure to love the practical benefits of choosing Corian quartz.

What Sets Corian Apart?

You probably know that granite and quartzite are among the hardest natural stone surfaces for the home. You may not know that engineered quartz is equally strong and durable, if not more so.

This countertop surface is resistant to daily wear and tear, as well as common forms of damage like scratching, etching, cracking, and chipping. In addition, quartz is nonporous, which means it’s incredibly resistant to staining. It also staves off microbes like bacteria, mold, and mildew, making it among the best food-safe surfaces for busy households.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy with quartz, which requires no sealing or specialized cleansers. Simply wipe up spills with a damp cloth or use all-purpose household cleaners on the surface. Customers will also enjoy a 10-year, transferable, residential limited warranty with Corian.

Why Choose Academy Marble & Granite as Your Corian Supplier?

Modern homeowners want counter surfaces that perform well in a busy household but simultaneously elevate value and luxury with stunning visual appeal. Academy Marble & Granite proudly partners with Corian to deliver practical, versatile, and breathtaking quartz countertops that meet homeowners’ every need and preference.

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