Korso Porcelain Countertops

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Korso Porcelain Countertops
Korso Porcelain Countertops

Echoing the look of Spain-quarried Gris Pulpis marble, Korso Dekton® is more durable and waterproof than its more delicate counterpart. Korso possesses the look of desirable natural stone with the hardiness of a composite material.


Dekton Stonika imitates nature with six classic colors rendered in hyper-realistic aesthetics. With its dominant streaks and textures, Korso a rustic styling ideal for today's homes.

Korso Dekton mimics the look of marble beautifully with random grey veining and feathering over an earthy-toned base. It's as timeless, classic, and visually impactful as Gris Pulpis marble.

Combining the highest technological composition with a revolutionary surface, "Dekton becomes nature itself, and it ensures longevity." Dekton Korso may look like real marble, yet its profound durability and performance make it a wise choice in hardworking spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

Korso kitchen countertops offer a zero-pore composition impervious to harsh chemicals and substances, including coffee, wine, and acidic juices. Go ahead, sit your hot pans and pots from the stove directly on the countertop, and you'll find Korso's surface in perfect condition.

Resistant to hot hair tools and stain-prone beauty products, Korso's zero-pore composition also makes it highly resistant to the bathroom's daily rigors of abuse. Additionally, Korso stands up to UV rays, etching, scratching, heat and stains without damage.

Dekton's hardy nature makes it terrific for indoor applications, as discussed above. As well, it's impervious to water, and UV rays can stand up to the harshest weather in outdoor spaces, including kitchen countertops, islands, and bars.

To further backup Dekton's durable properties, the manufacturer backs it with a 10-year warranty.

For cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, go with matte finishes of white, navy, or grey for a beautiful contrast with the high-gloss finish of Korso Dekton. Matte or polished hardware finishes in nickel, steel, and brass bring classy function to cabinetry pulls, appliance pulls, and knobs with golden brass hardware leading with its intense contrast to the grey gloss surface.

The rustic style of Korso melds beautifully with farmhouse, chalet, lodge, and contemporary homes. If you have a new build or remodel, consider installing rough-hewn wood in the kitchen and bath to push the rustic look a step further.

In addition, you'll get the desired effect with Dekton's five thickness options of 4, 8, 12, 20, and 30 mm. Check with your fabricator for the right application for your project to ensure you choose the ideal thickness. With a large format (up to 320 x 144 cm), Dekton offers a myriad of possible applications in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, wall tiling, and facades.

We look forward to assisting with your selection and application of Dekton Korso for your kitchen and bath countertops. Request a complimentary consultation to meet at our showroom & warehouse in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY.

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