Vermont Danby Marble

Vermont Danby Marble
Vermont Danby Marble

Traditionally, the most sought-after marble often comes from overseas, but don’t forget that you also have options in your own backyard. As the name implies, Vermont Danby marble is quarried in the New England state of Vermont. Even so, it shares desirable characteristics with pricier Italian marbles, and has inherent traits that make it superior to some other types of marble. 

Vermont Danby Marble comes in several varieties, with predominantly white and gray striations. Typically, you can expect bright, white coloration, interspersed with varying levels of light to medium gray veining. Soft gray and gold highlights tend to punctuate this clean, attractive marble. Certain varieties feature gray-green veining or even brown tones. 

Vermont Danby marble is highly versatile - it comes in many shades, including -off-white, gray and even green. While you could find similar characteristics in popular Italian marbles like Calcutta, there are a number of reasons why you might choose Vermont Danby marble.

Denser than Italian counterparts, this marble holds up well under the stresses of daily household activities, making it a great addition to high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It tends to be more resistant to staining and damage, and with the addition of sealer, you’ll enjoy even greater durability.

Of course, it’s still marble.

Although it’s tougher than some other types of marble, it can still be stained or etched, so you’ll want to treat it with proper care. If you have a busy kitchen or bath and are searching for a durable, hard stone, granite, quartzite or quartz may be a better option for you. These three stones all have unique properties that make them resistant to etching, scratching and stains.

You’ll find that Vermont Danby marble is compatible with a variety of interior design styles. The crisp, clean, cool neutrals in Vermont Danby marble work perfectly with any interior color scheme, and pair perfectly with silver and brushed nickel hardware  If you prefer warmer tones, look for samples with more prominent gold-flecked highlights to pair with gold, bronze, or antique finish hardware, as well as warmer wood tones for cabinetry.

This versatile surface is typically paired with an all-white kitchen, as well as lighter wood tones. However, it creates a stunning juxtaposition when offset by colored cabinetry or even dark gray or black tones. The pristine appearance of Vermont Danby marble works equally well with traditional and contemporary home styles.

It’s easy to find slabs with subtle veining if you want an understated appearance to blend seamlessly with existing décor, but if you prefer a bolder look, you can opt for heavier veining and greater contrast between white and gray striations to achieve the statement look you crave.

When it comes to preparations for installing Vermont Danby marble in your home, you’ll find that this dense, robust marble is easy to care for. It is most commonly used for kitchen and bathroom countertop surfaces, although it may also work for walls and flooring. Its versatile nature is another reason this stone is adored by homeowners and professionals alike.                            

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