Calcutta Lincoln Marble

Calcutta lincoln marble
Calcutta Lincoln Marble

Historically used to create the Lincoln Monument and Memorial Center, this storied stone shares its namesake with this American landmark. Calcutta Lincoln marble is most often quarried in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It is coveted as a superior US sourced product for residential and commercial applications. 

Calcutta Lincoln marble has a remarkable aesthetic with a serene white background subtly highlighted with thin veining and smoky hints of light grey. The classical persona of this white marble imbues a stately style anywhere it is adopted. 

Composed of calcite, marble is a metaphoric rock with a hardness of three on the Mohs hardness scale. It is more durable than limestone yet less so than granite which is rated as 7 on the Mohs scale. Keep in mind, that marble is a porous stone that allows oils and liquids to penetrate. To avoid staining and etching, quick spill clean-ups are a must.   

Interior applications include kitchen countertops, island, backsplash and flooring. Also, this classic material can make a lovely spa-like bathroom when applied on countertops, floors, walls and shower surrounds. 

Calcutta Lincoln marble echoes the elegant and classical nuances of its Italian marble counterparts. The sophistication and luxury associated with this beautiful material make it a timeless choice for the upscale home or business. 

In the kitchen, an island with a Lincoln marble top or entire façade application will make a masterful centerpiece for all your meal prep and casual dining. Coinciding countertops, backsplash and windowsills covered in marble add another layer of beauty to the kitchen. 

In the bathroom, every surface can be covered in luxe Lincoln marble. Think of a relaxing spa-like bath -  white marble on the floor, walls and shower surround

The serene white background of the marble melds beautifully with today’s modern or traditional style decors. Contrasting black cabinets or matching white cabinets will create a classic look. Grey cabinetry can also compliment and pull out the grey veining in the Lincoln marble. Other increasingly popular choices for cabinetry colors to pair with marble is navy blue, a classic favorite for both kitchen and bath. 

When budget is a forefront consideration, using smaller touches of Calcutta Lincoln marble will elevate the home’s elegance. Think of applying it to the backsplash in the kitchen or the island countertop only. Alternately, in the bathroom, it can be sparingly used on the shower surround or countertop. 

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