Black Marquina Marble

Black Marquina Marble
Black Marquina Marble

If you’re looking for marble countertop options that serve up drama and visual interest, Black Marquina marble may be the right stone to suit your space.

Fittingly, this eye-catching natural stone is quarried in Markina, which is situated in the Basque region of Spain, known for its forward-thinking design and free-spirited residents.

A stunning, classic example of marble, this stone variety features a jet-black background punctuated by bold, jagged streaks of bright white. The lightning-like veining stands out starkly against the deep, inky background, delivering high drama without detracting from the sophisticated style many homeowners are drawn to.

Anyone who is looking to make a countertop the centerpiece of their kitchen or bathroom design will not be disappointed with a spellbinding slab of Black Marquina, which harbors the somewhat frenetic feel of a Jackson Pollock painting.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal of this dynamic stone, it pairs beautifully with a wide range of interior styles.

Black Marquina adds an element of excitement to a classic black-and-white design, offering incredible contrast against white cabinetry and backsplash materials. Such designs are particularly striking because the white elements enhance the natural striations in the marble.

This variety also looks lovely, if less dramatic, in a room featuring darker elements, such as black or modern gray cabinetry. If you’re going for a masculine, monochromatic kitchen or bathroom space, Black Marquina marble offers the perfect way to spice up what could be an otherwise serious design.

Although you might not naturally assume black stone would go with wood tones, this marble works well with pale, ashy wood cabinetry, as well as trendy, weathered wood. You’ll probably want to steer clear of golden oaks and taupe maples, although a case could be made for rich cherry wood or mahogany, depending on other supporting elements in your design.

Because the black-and-white color palette of this stone is purely neutral, it also goes well with modern, colored cabinetry, although you’ll probably want to stick with darker hues like navy or forest green to make the most of the moody aesthetic.

Once you’ve got your marble countertops installed, you’ll be glad to discover that they’re generally easy to care for. Although marble is a bit softer than granite, it’s still natural stone, which means it’s incredibly strong and resilient, especially when it’s properly sealed. It’s resistant to heat, scratching, chipping, cracking, and other damages that are common to busy kitchen or household spaces.

Cleaning is typically as simple as wiping the countertops with a damp, microfiber cloth, although gentle dish soap can be used to tackle tougher messes, provided t you rinse thoroughly to avoid any filmy build-up that could cloud your glossy shine.

Natural stone cleaners are even better, as they streamline the process and often do double duty preserving the seal.

Are you ready to find your perfect slab of Black Marquina marble with help from the experts at Academy Marble & Granite? You can start by perusing our design portfolio for inspiration or visit one of our conveniently located showrooms in Bethel, CT or Rye, NY.

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