Princess White Quartzite

Princess White Quartzite - Luminescent Quartzite Stone

Princess White Quartzite
Princess White Quartzite

For those who are drawn to the luxurious look of white marble yet require interior surfaces that hold up to the rigors of daily life, Princess White quartzite presents the perfect balance. Reflective of its namesake, this natural stone quarried in Brazil and Namibia possesses a majestic aesthetic ideal for giving any room a touch of luxury.


This regal rock surface is defined by gem-like quartz deposits in whispers of pink and green with gray veining. When in slab form, the coloring and veining result in an impressive display no matter where it is placed, from the fireplace mantel to the island countertop. Note the occurrence of color, quartz deposits, and veining varies greatly from slab to slab so take care in choosing the stone that speaks to you and your home’s aesthetic.

Much more durable and harder than marble, quartzite is a natural metamorphic rock originating from a combination of sandstone and quartz. Created with intense pressure, empty sandstone grains are infused with quartz; this gives the quartzite its 7 out of 10 rating on Mohs scale of hardness. This level of hardness makes it the ideal choice for rooms that have frequent traffic and use, such as the kitchen and bath.

Keep in mind, quartzite does have a propensity towards etching on countertop surfaces if not protected with a high-quality sealant and proper cleaning maintenance. Etching, cutting or scratching can occur due to acidic liquids, or other substances yet can be prevented by applying a honed finish instead of a polished one.

Princess White quartzite makes a kitchen even more welcoming with its crisp white background highlighted with luminescent quartz deposits. This natural stone makes for a durable island surface and top for adjacent counter space. Pair it with a subway style backsplash and white or grey lacquered cabinetry. Faucets and hardware in matte or polished nickel or brass add the finishing touches.

Princess White quartzite imbues a spa-like aesthetic in the bathroom, from countertop to shower surround. Adding smaller touches such as on the countertops or windowsills will give a similar feel. Pair this surface with deep navy or black cabinetry for a dramatic look or keep with the white lacquered look for the spa vibe. Both silver and gold tones in the faucets and hardware meld beautifully with the white quartzite.

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