Opal White Quartzite

Opal White Quartzite - Luminously Beautiful, Inherently Durable

Opal White Quartzite
Opal White Quartzite

Echoing the mysterious beauty of a galaxy, Opal White quartzite brings an intense sparkle with a smooth texture to interior spaces. This elegant natural stone is quarried from Pennsylvania, all the way to Australia with each slab varying in appearance.

If you desire a sophisticated touch of shine and sparkle in the kitchen or bath, Opal White quartzite may be for you. The subtle ivory markings on the quartzite mute the intensity of its white background and keep it from feeling too sterile.  Paired with its smooth texture, Opal White boasts incredible luminosity when the light catches it just so. The intense luminous flecks are said to resemble the millions of stars of the Milky Way.

In addition to the captivating beauty of Opal White, quartzite is uniquely durable and ideal for daily use as a countertop in the kitchen. Quartzite is a natural stone that ranks an 8/10 on the Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness, making it harder than glass. This combination is a win-win for homeowners that want the luxe look of high-end marble while supporting the practicality of everyday use.

Because quartzite is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, it holds up to the rigors of daily life in a lively kitchen and busy household. Like other natural stone surfaces, quartzite should be sealed to protect its durability and shine.

Opal White pairs beautifully with white or grey cabinetry for a contemporary feel or black cabinets for a contrasting palette. The addition of gold, brass and rose gold faucets and hardware draws out the quartzite’s natural sparkling elements.

Due to its hardiness and beauty, Opal White quartzite is also ideal for use in commercial applications such as a restaurant bar, bathroom countertops, and wall cladding in high-end hotels.

The look of the quartzite varies from slab to slab due to unique markings and veining. Opal White can be book-matched to keep symmetry and continuity of composition. Book-matching is achieved by cutting the slabs then matching them side by side for a mirrored effect, which is much more pleasing to the eye.

Engaging a knowledgeable fabricator to assist you in finding the ideal slab for your purpose and placement is recommended. To help you along the way from stone selection to installation, we invite you to visit our showrooms in Rye, NY and Bethel, CT or contact us to explore all the possibilities of Opal White quartzite in your space.

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