Mont Blanc Quarzite

Mont Blanc Quartzite - A Stone with Striations Similar to Marble

Mont Blanc Quartzite
Mont Blanc Quartzite

While many homeowners love the look of luminescent, white marble, you might be searching for a natural stone surface with similar features but added practical appeal. Mont Blanc quartzite offers the perfect solution, with colors and patterns similar to popular marble varieties like Calacatta and Carrara but with greater strength and durability.

Quarried in the mountains of Brazil, this attractive quartzite features a soft, milky white background streaked by largely linear striations in pale to mid-tone grays. The neutral palette is creamy, cool, and totally versatile, so it could work equally well with warm or cool designs.

While it doesn’t necessarily have the same “glow” as white marble, it does deliver calming vibes that bring timeless elegance to traditional or modern designs. This understated natural stone will work well in a home with classic beveled or Shaker cabinets, as well as decorative design elements like shiplap or beadboard.

This natural stone countertop surface has even more impact when paired with modern, minimalist, flat-panel cabinetry, as it adds subtle pattern and depth to a spare interior. Whether you choose Mont Blanc quartzite for a kitchen countertop and backsplash, a hearth and fireplace surround, or a shower enclosure, you’ll find that it offers the versatility to elevate nearly any design.

What if you’re trying to decide between white, black, colored, and wooden cabinets? Here, too, you’ll have no trouble finding a look to love with Mont Blanc quartzite.

This stone adds visual interest to a sophisticated, tonal, white design or offers incredible contrast against gray or black cabinets. Naturally, it can also go with a range of popular color trends, from warm, saturated forest green to rich burgundy to pale blue-gray hues.

It also pairs well with a range of wood tones. Pale blonde woods like white oak or birch will look light, lovely, and serene with Mont Blanc, while honeyed alder will warm up the space without clashing. The deep chocolate and coffee hues of walnut create a more striking tableau when offset by brilliant Mont Blanc quartzite.

In other words, this natural stone variety will complement just about any style and color palette. However, there’s a lot more to Mont Blanc than what you see. Quartzite is also incredibly strong and durable.

Ranked at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, quartzite is harder than both marble and granite. It’s resistant to heat, which means you can place hot pots directly on the surface with no need for trivets.

It’s also resistant to UV fading, so it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The resistance to common damage like staining, etching, scratching, chipping, and cracking is also nice, but you will need to maintain the seal for optimal performance.

In terms of maintenance, there are a couple of options. Wiping down surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth will suffice for daily cleaning, while warm water and gentle dish soap can easily remove grime. Or you could choose a special stone cleaner that offers spray-and-wipe appeal.

Products that help protect the seal are especially handy, although you will still want to reseal regularly to preserve the pristine appearance of this light-colored stone.

If you’re sold on the beauty and function offered by Mont Blanc quartzite, the knowledgeable professionals at Academy Marble & Granite can help. Visit a showroom in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, to start looking for the right slab for your home.

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