Wisconsin White Granite

Wisconsin White Granite  - A Timeless Option Featuring Grey & White Veining

Wisconsin White Granite
Wisconsin White Granite

With its fantastical veining and a starry background, Wisconsin White granite is also known in some markets as Fantasy Grey granite. This intriguing natural stone boasts large waves of gray and dark to light grey specks on a white background. It comes quarried from China and is admired for its versatile interior and exterior applications.

In the home, this energetic stone offers a sophisticated and smart choice for all surfaces such as kitchen and bath countertops and shower surrounds. With its resistance to staining and bacterial growth, granite retains its original beauty even in the most rigorous applications such as kitchen countertops. This natural stone is easy to clean and maintain—simply wipe spills with a wet cloth or sponge when they occur.

Granite countertops and surrounds are rock-hard and extremely durable with their chip, crack, and stain-resistant qualities. When installed, sealed, and cared for properly, this natural stone surface will last a lifetime.

The cool tones of the Wisconsin White granite allow it to beautifully meld with today’s popular paint colors and those classic ones we can’t live without. From peacock blue to black noir to pearl white, this versatile stone pairs nicely with a host of cabinet and wall color choices.

Wisconsin White granite makes a chic choice for countertops when contrasted with black kitchen cabinets with a lacquer or matte finish. If you have ample space in the kitchen, consider a large plinth style block island covered from top to bottom in this intricately veined and speckled granite. This look also works beautifully in the bathroom.

When used in the bathroom, granite makes an impression of luxury and refinement. Encasing the bathroom in Wisconsin White granite will provide a spa-like feel when used on the countertops and shower surround. Pair these impressive surface applications with black or grey cabinetry and rose gold faucets, hardware, and cabinet pulls for a breathtaking display.

Other applications for this gorgeous granite are abound. For outdoor bar areas or kitchens, using this granite for the countertop keeps the aesthetic natural and organic. Granite is considered a practical countertop stone for outdoor use due to its durable nature and hardness.  Any way you use it, this natural stone will bring a touch of sophistication whether in the modern, minimalist, traditional or transitional décor.

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