White Ice Granite

White Ice Granite - A Cool Stone with Large Waves of Movement

White-Ice Granite - Academy Marble, Rye NY
White-Ice Granite

White Ice Granite, a high demand stone quarried in Brazil. White Ice Granite hosts a color palette of white, black, gray and blue veining. While some have small hints of a beige specks, this stone is primarily a cool tone. The slab displays large waves of movement through smaller random swirls.

Granite, known for its durability and scratch resistance is best in high traffic areas. The most popular application for this stone is the kitchen countertop followed by bathroom vanity.

When it comes to design color coordination with this stone, the possibilities are endless. Consider White Ice Granite a blank canvas. Select a color from the stone itself: white, black or gray cabinets are an instant match with this stone and highlight its natural beauty.

White Ice Granite acts as a chameleon in different settings. When paired with white cabinets or decor it takes on a minimalistic feel. When paired with medium brown, dark espresso or even black, the cabinets truly highlight the slab. The contrast provides a more traditionally rich feel to the room. Metallic finishes such as stainless steel appliances also enhance the stone’s cool qualities.

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