Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite - A Natural Stone Filled with Texture & Tones

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite
Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

If you’ve ever lost yourself in the swirling patterns of cream in your coffee, you’re going to appreciate the rich coloration and churning striations particular to Typhoon Bordeaux granite.  Aptly named, this granite is a complex mixture of colors and patterns that leap off the background, bringing to mind the spinning vortex of a massive storm. If you’re looking for natural stone that enlivens your home’s interior design, you can’t go wrong with dramatic Typhoon Bordeaux granite.

Quarried from bedrock in Brazil, the name of this granite not only derives from it’s distinctive, flowing patterns, but also from its coloration, which notably tends to include deep, wine-stain hues, like the dark red varietals from Bordeaux, France.  These rich, burgundy shades are typically interspersed with a warm palette of browns, golds, beiges, and cream and gray tones, creating an overall effect that has incredible depth and dimension.

The striking patterns common to Typhoon Bordeaux granite include curvilinear forms that flow across the surface of each slab in a unique array of waves, runnels, whorls and multi-directional veins that create intense visual interest.  This granite feels almost alive, thanks to dynamic patterns and color contrasts lending visual depth.

It might sound like too much for the average kitchen or bathroom setting, but the truth is that the warm, earthy tones inherent to Typhoon Bordeaux granite make it a fine addition to any room in your home. If you want your interior to provide an inviting respite from the busy, modern world, Typhoon Bordeaux granite lends itself well to the warm tapestry of a welcoming home.

This stone works well in traditional home styles and in kitchens and bathrooms that feature wood tones and antique metal finishes. It is especially complementary in Italian style kitchens, surrounded by creamy neutrals, weathered wood, and golden lighting. A warmer color palette will bring out the underlying tones in this stone, so you just have to decide if you want to highlight golden or wine-colored tones when choosing paint and accessories to accent your granite. Because there is so much variation in color and pattern from one slab to the next, you’ll want to view slabs and handpick yours before purchasing.

As with other types of granite, Typhoon Bordeaux makes for strong, durable countertop (and other) surfaces that are resistant to scratching and staining when properly sealed. Maintaining the beauty of your granite requires cleaning with suitable, non-abrasive products and periodic treatments to refresh the sealant.

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