Stormy Night Granite

Stormy Night Granite - A Dynamic Natural Stone

Stormy Night Granite
Stormy Night Granite

If you’re looking for a blend of moody mystique, abundant warmth, and dynamic patterns, all paired with the practical advantages of incredibly strong and durable stone, Stormy Night granite is a unique stone variety.

With Stormy Night granite, you’ll enjoy the dimensional beauty and luxury allure associated with granite, along with the many practical advantages that make this the ideal countertop material for busy households.

Quarried in Brazil, this multicolor stone emulates a pyroclastic flow, complete with rich gold and brown streaks offset by aggressive, black veining, all swirled together to create dramatic movement across the surface of a slab. The overall effect is absolutely breathtaking. Anyone looking to create a focal point with their choice in countertop material will be hard-pressed to find a better option than Stormy Night Granite.

Of course, any time you choose such a bold statement piece for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area, you’ll need to carefully consider the other elements you plan to pair it with.

Because of the warm palette, you’ll want to steer clear of cool hues like bright whites or grays. Although these tones are all neutral, this granite variety will show the best advantage when it is paired with warmer hues. Natural wood cabinetry of just about any stripe is ideal, but for greater contrast, consider black cabinetry, or alternately, lighter shades of cream or off-white.

Stormy Night granite may also pair well with deep, saturated jewel tones, but you’ll have to select just the right hue. A burgundy tone, for example, would be stunning, but the blues and greens that are dominating color trends of late may not work so well unless you go with warm tints like mossy greens or indigos. You’d really have to place swatches next to your slab to make sure they’ll work before committing to a bold color choice.

As for fixtures and hardware, you’re probably best off to skip stainless steel or brushed nickel and instead play on the colors of the stone with warm gold or antique brass, or black hardware. Your decision will likely depend on your cabinetry, backsplash materials, and other design elements.

In addition to offering incredible visual appeal, granite delivers the outstanding utility you need if your busy household is full of kids or you simply love to entertain large groups. This stone ranks at 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, providing a surface that is highly resistant to heat, staining, etching, scratching, chipping, cracking, and other common forms of damage.

Every day care and maintenance is simple. To clean spills, you can wipe the surface down with a damp cloth or clean it with warm water and gentle soap. Rinsing and drying with a microfiber cloth will help to prevent water spots, lint, or filmy buildup that can dull the high shine of polished countertops.

Alternatively, you could opt for a one-and-done stone cleaner (just spray and wipe) to clean, enhance shine, and in some cases, even maintain the integrity of sealant. Regular sealing will also help to preserve the beauty of your natural stone.

Is your heart set on Stormy Night granite for a bold addition to your interior spaces? Stop by one of our Academy Marble & Granite locations in Bethel, CT, or Rye, NY, to speak with an experienced professional and view our extensive granite selection.

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