Sapphire Blue Granite

Sapphire Blue Granite  - A Sophisticated Stone Featuring Blue-Grey and Blue-Brown Color Tones

Sapphire Blue Granite
Sapphire Blue Granite

Coveted for its rarity and beauty, Azul granites, such as Sapphire Blue granite, have been sought after for centuries. These precious granites are most often quarried in coastal regions of Brazil, Africa, Ukraine, and Norway.

Developing since Pre-Cambrian times, the granite is composed of quartz, feldspar, and traces of other minerals like amphiboles and mica. Formed under the Earth’s surface, granite is the result of magma that has been slowly crystallized. This process allows for the striking deposits, veining, and flecks of a range of colorful minerals.

This sophisticated blue granite possesses a versatile appearance highlighted with a consistent flecking throughout, although the veining and color vary from slab to slab. The mystical hues of Sapphire Blue granite run the gamut from blue-brown to brown-red to blue-gray. The grain is coarse and visible to the naked eye. The color palette lends itself beautifully to interior applications in residential and commercial properties.

A favorite of homeowners, granite is especially suited to countertop applications in both the bathroom and kitchen due to its durable nature. This natural stone’s rock-hard composition gives it an intrinsic resistance to staining, scratching, chipping, and cracking.

As such, it makes granite the ideal surface material for use on the kitchen island and countertops in busy households where daily meal prep is a must. When granite is sealed consistently and maintained correctly (cleaned and polished often), this hardy stone will last a lifetime.

No matter where Sapphire Granite is installed, it provides a reliable surface with a high polished, color-intense aesthetic.

The brilliant blue-grey and earthy red browns of Sapphire Blue make it meld beautifully with kitchen and bath cabinetry across the color spectrum. For those who embrace a farmhouse style décor, just imagine cabinets in a matte red or burgundy paired with a slab of this granite led by its red-brown deposits.

Contemporary and modern decors can be made ever-so sleek with Sapphire blue granite led by a blue-grain dominance paired with lacquered black, blue, grey, or white cabinets.

Traditional kitchens and bathrooms are made more classic with the beauty of this blue granite. Wood cabinetry finished in mahogany, cherry, or walnut looks incredible when accompanying Sapphire Blue granite countertops.

Ideal for both remodels and new homes, we would love to consult with you on how you might incorporate Sapphire Blue granite into your kitchen or bath countertops. We can provide varying slab sizes to suit large surfaces such as the kitchen island.

If you’re considering using Sapphire Blue granite in your home, contact us here or request a complimentary consultation at our Bethel, CT , or Rye, NY location.

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