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Picasso Granite
Picasso Granite

Famed Spanish artist Pablo Picasso was known for innovation, most notably the creation of the Cubist style. While Picasso granite is a far cry from masterpieces of human invention like Guernica, it’s certainly a work of art from the palette of Mother Nature.

This dynamic granite is a study in contrast and movement, characterized by gray hues ranging from light to dark. Light gray patches liberally beset a medium gray background, while darker speckles and veins flit over the surface. Sprinkled throughout are beiges and browns, which lend the gray palette an overall warm appeal that cooler varieties of stone can lack.

The interplay of light and dark, as well as cool and warm tones, makes for an incredibly dramatic and versatile natural stone that could complement a vast array of interior design styles. This incredible stone can serve as the star of the show in any kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or outdoor kitchen.

Both elegant and visually arresting, Picasso granite is ideal for anyone seeking a bold choice that works equally well in traditional and modern settings.

If you love the breezy appeal of a pure-white kitchen or bathroom, but you find the overall effect to be rather lacking, Picasso granite offers the perfect opportunity to spice up your space without straying too far from your original vision. It’s also a shoo-in for countertop surfaces in black-and-white designs.

Will it work with wood tones, though? Yes! The dominant, cooler, gray tones pair spectacularly with options like ashy species or weathered wood floors and cabinets.  The beige and brown undertones make it possible to draw on the beautiful, warm tones of wood that range from blonde and golden to chestnut, cherry, and rich walnut hues.

In short, Picasso granite pairs well with just about everything. Even bold, saturated colors like trendy royal blue, navy, teal, and forest green can partner well with this stone..

For hardware and fixtures, you can choose from popular stainless, chic gold, or offbeat antique bronze with equal ease. You almost can’t go wrong installing this gorgeous granite in any room in your home.

Even better, granite countertops are an ideal choice for high-traffic places in the home. Granite is among the hardest stone options on the market, ranking at 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means you’ll enjoy a strong, durable surface that’s resistant to heat, staining, etching, scratching, chipping, cracking, and more.

This natural stone is also easy to clean with a simple combination of warm water and gentle dish soap. You’ll have to rinse thoroughly to avoid a soapy film, however, and it’s best to dry surfaces with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots. Alternatively, you could use a natural stone cleaning product, which only takes a quick spray and wipe.

Some of these products also help to preserve the seal on your granite, potentially extending the time between resealing. Your specific needs will depend somewhat on usage and general maintenance practices.

When you’re ready to start your next home upgrade project and your heart is set on Picasso granite, Academy Marble & Granite has just what you’re looking for. Get started by browsing our inspirational portfolio or head to one of our convenient locations in Bethel, CT or Rye, NY to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable professional.

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