Jet Mist Granite

Jet Mist Granite - A Dark Stone with Cool Undertones

Jet Mist Granite
Jet Mist Granite

Jet Mist Granite is quarried from North America, particularly in Vermont, Virginia, and North Carolina. This natural stone ranges from dark gray to black in tone with cool undertones. A subtle dusting of white is stretched throughout the slab, making each one unique. The stone also contains a consistent flow with minor variations in veining.

Due to its durable nature, Jet Mist Granite is an excellent countertop choice for kitchen or bathroom applications. Granite is rock-hard in terms of hardness and also resistant to etching or staining, making it an incredibly practical natural stone for busy rooms. Jet Mist Granite can also withstand heat, spills and scratches.

The rough looking nature of the granite increases its rustic appeal. Jet Mist Granite fits incredibly well in the ever-popular modern farmhouse setting. This stone resembles country roots of slate and stone. Homeowners and professionals alike enjoy using it in these types of designs.

Besides the farmhouse aesthetic, Jet Mist Granite is also favored in modern design. A polished finish on the Jet Mist Granite works well with this style. A waterfall kitchen countertop using Jet Mist Granite is a dramatic, but sleek design choice.

The solid nature and dark hue of the slab can cause it to appear heavy. It is best paired with white cabinetry for a striking contrast that lifts away some of that weight. Setting the stone next to white cabinetry or tile truly showcases the fine details of white veining within the stone. Coordinating black accents like doorknobs, wall art or light fixtures make lovely finishing touches. Silver and nickel sink fixtures work best in highlighting this dark stone in a transitional setting. Bronze hardware can be applied in a more contemporary setting.

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