Alaska White Granite

Alaska White Granite - A Natural Stone Full of Texture

Alaska White Granite
Alaska White Granite

Alaska White granite, named after its snowy appearance, is quarried in Brazil, China and India. If you take a closer look at the white granite, you’ll find a range of neutral colors in the stone, including dark brown, light gray, medium gray and off-white specks. The motion within the stone is unique when compared to other granites, but like all natural stone, the movement is dependent upon the individual slab.

The vein motion on the stone can also influence surrounding home design elements. Large, loud, random specked clusters are best paired with minimal interior design. A proportional pattern on the stone allows more ornate details in the background to shine.

Combine Alaska White granite with a deep merlot cabinet color to further complement this natural stone. To create a compelling focal point, introduce white cabinetry and add dark bronze cabinet hardware or kitchen fixtures.

The Alaskan White granite truly shines on top of a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity but can be applied essentially anywhere in the home. Consider adding Alaskan White granite to other frequented areas of the home, such as bathroom floors and showers, due to its highly durable nature. Along with its durability, the maintenance required for granite is very low making it a household favorite.

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